One Man's Vision of Seeing Jesus While Being ... "In The Light"
Jesus Smiles On Us One man's vision of seeing Jesus ... in the light. After I left my body, I was pulled into a bright luminous mist of light... Standing there to meet me was Christ. Being in His presence was the most beautiful feeling I’ve ever felt. He was the kindest, most loving, and most compassionate being  I’ve ever experienced. His love, understanding, and acceptance of me were so powerful they were almost overwhelming. His face was kind and strong... His smile was warm and soothing... He was perfect. I have never felt such utter peace, joy, and love. I now want to now share the face I saw with the world... I hope my vision brings these feelings to you, as well. Smiling Jesus, Out of Body Experience, Christianity, Tunnel, Obe, White Light, Christ, Jesus, Lord, Love

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